Inner lumberjack: Shelburne-based axe throwing business

Published on January 26, 2016

Getting axe-throwing lessons from some of the Wild Axe Women, Suzy Atwood and Sam Brannen.

©Ken Chetwynd

METRO HALIFAX - Always wanted to wield an axe and just let if fly?

In March you could get your chance when The Timber Lounge is scheduled to open the doors to its Agricola Street facility in Halifax.

In the works by owner/creator Darren Hudson. of Barrington, as “Halifax’s premier indoor axe throwing facility,” the Timber Lounge will allow patrons to unleash their inner lumberjacks via the ‘axehilerating’ sport of axe throwing.

“The doors are blown wide open today on social media the word got out big time,” Hudson said Tuesday morning.

“It’s the talk of the town especially in the north end there. Everybody so far who has seen the place, the terms are amazing, awesome, and usually they are congratulating us on this endeavour.”

Although he wanted to hold off on a big announcement for a few days to finalize some last minute details, Hudson agreed to provide a few “tidbits” about his new business when contacted by phone.

The facility will offer eight axe throwing lanes at first, with a possible expansion to 12. Hudson said the facility will be the ‘premier’ axe throwing facility in Canada, not just Halifax.

“It won’t be the biggest but it will be the most heritage-filled and true to lumberjack culture and lifestyle and involve feelings of social community,” he said. “We are there to bring a glimpse of the sport to people in a fashion that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to do.”

Hudson recently retired from a 20-year career in lumberjack sports that took him around the world. He said axe throwing is statistically the safest lumberjack sport, the easiest on the body, and he has never seen “so much as a Band-Aid” from axe throwing.

Hudson runs a lumberjack camp in Barrington which lets people learn all lumberjack skills, including axe throwing, tree climbing, sawing and logrolling.

As well there is a women’s axe throwing league run by Suzy Atwood in the warmer months at the lumberjack park.

“Axe throwing is a very liberating sport in which you release your inner inhibitions, any pent up emotions. It’s such a healthly, active, fun and social sport that it really is unrivalled,” he said.

“It’s darts times 10. It’s great.”