Celebrations planned for 40th anniversary of UFO sighting

Published on September 23, 2007
An incident in a bay off Shag Harbour drew international interest 40 years ago. The event will be recognized during the Lighthouse & UFO's 40th Anniversary of the Shag Harbour Incident, which will be held on Oct. 5 and 6. Weekend events include a buffet supper, UFO talks from an author, stories from local witnesses, a guided tour, collectibles sale, breakfast. Carla Allen Photo

BY CARLA ALLEN The Coast Guard NovaNewsNow.com Forty years ago on Oct. 4, 1967, RCMP officers responded to a report of a crash landing of an unidentified object near Shag Harbour. They observed a pale yellow light bobbing on the surface for a while before it sank.

Government documents detailing the event said not a trace of the crash object was found.

The event continues to fascinate many today. To celebrate the anniversary, a newly formed society has organized the Lighthouse & UFO's 40th Anniversary of the Shag Harbour Incident.

Cindy Nickerson is the chair of the Shag Harbour Incident Society, a group formed last fall to work towards the construction of a permanent site for the display the history of Shag Harbour, including the UFO incident.

The society’s temporary museum is located opposite R & D Nickerson Fisheries Ltd. in Shag Harbour and has received close to 1250 visitors since opening in mid-June.

Nickerson says people are already inquiring about the UFO weekend. “We had some people from Dartmouth, Halifax and the Valley asking about it,” she said.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, Oct. 5:

10 a.m. UFO museum opens as usual. Local coral and fossil expert Derek Jones will have a display at the Shag Harbour Community Hall. His corals have been featured on a postage stamp.

4 p.m. Buffet supper at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall. Local dishes - $6 adult and $3 for 12 and under.

7 p.m. UFO talks at Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall. $5 adult, $2.50 12 and under. Local witnesses Norman Smith, Laurie Wickens, David Cvet a Toronto UFO researcher and diver, Don Ledger author and UFO researcher.

Ledger co-authored the book, Dark Object, and also wrote Flying Triangles, Swissair Down, and Maritime UFO Files. He has written other articles that have been translated into other languages and been a guest on several TV and radio programs. Society members recognize him as an expert on the Shag Harbour incident.

Saturday, Oct. 6

7 a.m. Lighthouse breakfast $5 adult, $2.50 child at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall

9 a.m. Collectables sale at the Shag Harbour Community Hall. Includes Avon bottles, dishes etc.

10:30 a.m. Norman Smith will lead a guided tour from ERMES to gazebo. Ledger will meet the group at gazebo. Smith will tell what he saw in ’67.

12:30 p.m. Local expert on Seal Island Ronnie Kenney will talk about life on this remote island.

2 p.m. Ledger will give a talk on UFOs at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall.

The above three events cost $5 adult or $2.50 child.

11:30 a.m. The Bon Portage General Store will be selling lunch. Lobster chowder, sandwiches etc.

An author from British Columbia, C. Anne Degrace will be attending the festival. She is working on a fiction book featuring Shag Harbour. Other Shag Harbour Incident Society members will be presenting talks on UFOs.