Cooke Aquaculture readying Jordan Bay sites for fish

Amy Woolvett
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Beginning this week, Cooke Aquaculture will be installing the nets and cages at their approved Jordan sites.  Gear is ready to go aboard the Fundy Navigator where the markers and ropes will create a grid system for the fish to go in for April.  Greg Bennett photo

By Amy Woolvett

Cooke Aquaculture is working to prepare the two approved sites for Jordan Bay, with fish expected to go in at the end of April.

The Blue Island farm currently has the grid installed and the grid system on the other farm will be installed as soon as the weather improves.

“Beginning next week,” said Nell Halse vice president of communications for Cooke Aquaculture.  “We will be installing the cages and the nets.”

Approximately 475,000 fish will be placed in each farm by the end of April and will be expected to be harvested in 18-months.

“We have already hired 16 people for the area and should have up to 27 new employees once the farms in Shelburne and Jordan Bay are stocked and operational,” said Halse.

This is considered to be phase one of a three-phase project for a processing facility in Shelburne.

The first phase is to build up a farm capacity including the Jordan and Digby sites as well as design for the facility.

The second is to work on the hatchery and the third phase is to construct the facility.

“It is still happening,” said Halse.  “The whole project should be complete and operational by the end of 2015.”

Cooke Aquaculture plans to invest $150-million in creating and expanding its operations with Shelburne as the place to build their facility.

The company said that the processing facility is expected to create up to 320 jobs.

The province loaned the company $25-million that included a $9-million forgivable loan as well as an additional $4-million if certain specifications were met including the number of jobs created, research development and commercialization of innovation in the aquaculture industry.


Geographic location: Jordan Bay, Shelburne

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Recent comments

  • reader
    April 16, 2013 - 11:46

    You guys are ridiculous! This is exactly what Shelburne needs!! More jobs!! People can start coming back home and working in their own town instead of living away from family and friends! It has been proven that these "chemicals" do not harm plus or our lobsters so just leave it the hell alone! People like you are what's going to turn Shelburne into a retirement home!

    • Janet colwell
      April 17, 2013 - 12:15

      Where is the proof? Show the public the proof. You may have a few Grand Manan fisherman who will argue that. Are any of the people being hired, fisherman who can no longer make a living catching healthy fish?

  • reader
    April 13, 2013 - 15:02

    Was it not Dexter who was OPPOSED TO OPEN PEN FARMING when he wanted your vote. When you go to mark your ballot, just remember that Dexter can do a 180 turn faster than the wheels on your office chair. We need someone who sticks by what he says at election time when he actually holds the reins of power. Remember what he said on all fronts before he was elected and judge him on how well he stuck to those beliefs and principles when he was in power. As for Belliveau, I would like to see his background and what qualifies him to make decisions about issues involving the environment. He is a fisherman and mussel farmer from Woods Harbour. Does he have a secret degree in environmental studies that he is hiding from us?

  • Darrell Tingley
    April 11, 2013 - 06:47

    Another pristine Nova Scotia Bay to be destroyed by Cooke Aquaculture dumping tons of untreated waste into Jordan Bay. More outbreaks of Infectious Salmon Anemia to follow. Sick fish to be sold to unsuspecting customers. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Shame on Belliveau/Dexter/Keddy/Harper for allowing this to happen!