Updated: Blizzard sank boat, caused damage (with lots of photos)

Greg Bennett
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Published on February 09, 2013

The storm surge came up over Dock Street Saturday morning. Allan Reid photo

Published on February 09, 2013

A car drives through Shag Harbour in white-out conditions. Kathy Johnson photo


Published on February 09, 2013

The snow drifts were piled right up against people's doors.

Published on February 09, 2013

Work crews begin to repair the damage to the former Atlantic Superstore storefront in Barrington Passage. Kathy Johnson photo

Published on February 09, 2013

Lobster traps on the road in Baccaro

Published on February 09, 2013


The remains of a shed roof lay near the road in Clark’s Harbour. Kathy Johnson photo


Published on February 09, 2013

A van splashes through storm surge waters on the Daniel’s Head Road in South Side, C.S.I. Kathy Johnson photo

Published on February 09, 2013

A lineman cuts a fallen tree from a power line in South Side, C.S.I. Kathy Johnson photo


Published on February 09, 2013

Boats in Port Latour weathered the storm and the surge that came with it.

Published on February 09, 2013

The photo contributor didn't tell us much about this picture. We assume this road grader must have slipped into a ditch during its efforts to clear roads.

Editors note

Some of the attached photos come from our readers who we thank for sharing with us.


By Greg Bennett

A major winter storm knocked out power, felled trees and paralyzed much of Shelburne County with hurricane-strength winds and heavy snow causing blizzard conditions on Saturday morning.

Gusts of 164 km/hr were reported in Woods Harbour, a wind speed equivalent to a category two hurricane.

The intense storm brought with it an unusually high storm surge of 1.6 metres that combined with a high tide and flooded low-lying areas across the county, including along Dock Street in Shelburne and areas in Lockeport. 

Not since the fabled Groundhog Day Gale had the water risen so high, causing some fishing boats to nearly sit on flooded wharfs and inundating shorelines and some roads. Several derelict vessels on Cape Sable Island broke their lines and came ashore.

While damage from the surge to the area’s historic buildings is still being assessed the most spectacular damage from the storm may be to the former Atlantic Superstore entrance in Barrington Passage where many of the large outdoor windows came crashing down during the winds that sometimes exceeded 120 kilometres an hour.

Shelburne Emergency Measures Coordinator Don Bower says it appears the strong winds opened a gap in the building that pressurized the store, causing the windows to explode outwards.

The winds were also a huge problem for Nova Scotia Power and their customers as thousands were without power on Saturday. Crews were busy reconnecting people throughout the day. Most businesses in Shelburne were closed for the day.

Left without power, several people took advantage of comfort centres set up in several areas. The Island & Barrington Passage fire hall in Centreville was open to the public and offered heat, power and food, as was the Lockeport Fire Hall and the Port Clyde Fire Hall.

Some residents were still waiting for their power to come back on Sunday morning, more than 24 hours after losing it.

The winds took their toll on buildings throughout the county, particularly on Cape Sable Island where there were reports of siding being peeled off buildings. Gusts reaching 132 km/h were reported at the Baccaro weather station. One derelict mobile home in Clarks Harbour was nearly destroyed by the wind and pushed aside by heavy equipment.

“Once the wind gets in, it can peel vinyl siding off like spaghetti,” said Bower.

In Barrington Passage, there were also reports of major roof damage occurring to the Lions Hall.

A lobster boat sank at the Shag Harbour wharf during the blizzard.

 In Lockeport, the local electrical substation was surrounded by floodwaters during the surge and failed shortly after, plunging the town into darkness for a extended period.

 Mayor Darian Huskilson noted that the beach wall held up well despite the extreme weather and the storm surge.

“Nothing that we aren’t accustomed to,” he said.

The winds were piling up large drifts in some many areas and people were busy shoveling and in some cases shoveling again as the snow drifted back in.

Town of Shelburne and Department of highway crews were also busy throughout the weekend keeping streets and highways open.



Organizations: Nova Scotia Power

Geographic location: Shelburne County, Lockeport, Cape Sable Island Barrington Passage Dock Street Centreville Port Clyde Fire Hall Clarks Harbour

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Recent comments

  • veronique
    February 11, 2013 - 00:35

    just can't beleave some water damage and wind,we got 40 in's of snow here in Carleton and thought that was bad enought but what i have seen i couldn't beleave it. been awhile i left home and every time the sea comes in and go out it takes a pieace of sand out which people need to get together and start doing something for aeound the CSI if not few good storms like this there be no Island.this a taste of weather to come ,it giving big storms this coming summer.

  • Janis Wilson-Lauzon
    February 10, 2013 - 15:55

    My heart broke to see all the damage..thankfully, as far as I know, no one was injured or killed. Maritimers will always go on, whatever the hardship. I miss the South Shore so much and appreciate being able to stay in touch. Maritimers are a breed apart, like no one else anywhere. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Helen Ringer Murphy
    February 10, 2013 - 11:48

    I am sorry to see all the storm pictures of Shelburne Co. This is so devastating to all concerned in the area, These people work so very hard to try to earn a living from the ocean, then something like this happens. I lived on Gull Rock from 1942 to 1952. I know what these storms can do. They create a lot of pain and heart ache for a lot of people. My Dad always said when the going gets tought we get up and go again. My thoughts and prayers are with all you Maritimers. You are Gods special people. Special blessings will come to you.

  • Coreen Atkins-Sheldrick
    February 09, 2013 - 19:04

    I am so heartbroken at the images I saw of the storm surge damage. I miss Shelburne soooooo much, especially since my Grandparents are gone and most of the family is scattered. I am praying for everyone.