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Kathy Johnson/The
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By Kathy Johnson

Lobster Fishing Area 34 lobster fishermen have voted overwhelmingly in favour of holding out for a $5 shore price for their catch until the end of May. 

Over the past two days fishermen have met at their respective wharves with their port representatives from the LFA 34 Management Board to vote on an offer from lobster buyers to the board.

The offer- $5 a pound until this coming Saturday and no guarantee of price beyond that, has been soundly rejected by ports throughout both Yarmouth and Shelburne counties.

“The port clusters have said…what we’re being told now is to tell the buyers $5 until the end of May and we fully support that,” said Ashton Spinney, chair of the LFA 34 Management Board, to the crowd gathered at the West Head wharf on C.S.I. on Tuesday.

Spinney estimated that 80 percent of fishermen in LFA 34 have voted to stay ashore with some vowing to put their pots on the wharf if they don’t get $5 a pound.

The management board will be taking a counter-offer back to the buyers- $5 a pound until the end of May. 

“As a management board we can go back to them and say this is what has to happen,” said Spinney.

The lobster strike, which started on April 25, was initiated by the 1688 Professional Lobster Fishermen’s Association, who are also trying to negotiate with lobster buyers and dealers on behalf of the fishermen.


Organizations: LFA 34 Management Board

Geographic location: Fishing Area, Shelburne, Professional Lobster Fishermen

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Recent comments

  • amanda hugnkiss
    May 03, 2012 - 16:14

    So it seems the end of the world is here, fisherman who lived so high on the hog may actually have to take a dose of reality......The days of a big dollar lobster are gone!! do you get it?? gone!!!! people are tired of paying huge prices for poor quality lobster. Imagine the horrors of someone with a grade 3 education not being able to work for 4 months a year and then sit on their butt collecting unemployment while working for cash under the table. You people reaped the harvest while you could and now your going to have to sell your 70 thousand dollar "work" truck, your wifes 60 thousand dollar"company" suv the 300 grand house you built and live like the rest of the province.......booohooo

    May 03, 2012 - 11:34

    Well how can the fishermen demand more money for a product that is not in demand??? Set aside the fact that the product is poor at best because of the overly warm weather....sort shells.. and as the season goes on through may it is only going to get worse.....If the fishermen want better price I suggest that they find and develop their own markets and cut out the middle man...IT ONLY MAKES COMMON SENCE.....U CAN'T MAKE PEOPLE PAY MORE FOR SOMETHING THEY DON'T WANT... I SAY AGAIN DEVELOP YOUR OWN MARKETS!!! ......... Just saying